Welcome to the lackluster “About Us” page here at the amateur circle hour.

Stories From Your Neighbor is a podcast about people like you and me (you haven’t met me, but trust me, I’m like you). Each week, we invite someone to record a digital story. It can be about the time they won 1st in a national speedskating competition after a surgical screw-up, started a socially conscious business selling urban apparel, or it could be about the time they went into diabetic shock and started shouting at rain clouds. We don’t judge. What binds these stories is a verve, a voluptuous vim and vigor that violates the virulent and the voidant (shut up, it’s a word). Oh yes, we went there, verily.

If you have a story (especially if you have something to shamelessly plug) and we like it, we’ll schedule you for a show. Contact us through THIS FORM or send us an electronic pigeon via mwhoeft@gmail.com. For examples of the show, visit the blog, as we don’t have official episodes uploaded as of yet. (We haven’t official launched, shhh).

[As you can see, this page is a bit of a work in progress, but don’t you worry quite yet, we’ll update you on who we are and what we’re really all about soon enough. Until then, feel free to pointlessly check out the equally unpolished “Meet Your Hosts” page.]

Stay tuned.