“T-minus 10…” Gearing Up for Launch

NASA Rocket Liftoff | Verve

Houston, we are preparing for liftoff!

Mike started this podcast about 3 months ago with a good friend of his, Jenn. She’s of an older persuasion (and yet, still sassy as hell), so Mike sought another female co-host – specifically female (and witty) to create a fun dynamic for the show. (But really, it was all an excuse to spend time in a tiny room with a gal once a week).

I kid. But I’ve been on board for the past couple months and we are nearing our 10th recording. Prepping for upload to iTunes in the coming months – hopefully within the next few weeks. We’re making sure we can provide weekly content and never fall behind, so we’re lining up the guests down the street for you.

We’ll post the official episodes in the Episodes section and give you behind-the-scenes action here. For now, here is Episode #1, hosted on SoundCloud with Mike and Jenn:

‘Til next time,



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